FAQs and Browser Compatibility Notes

Where can I learn more about your company?

MetrolandDirect.com is operated by Metroland Media Group Ltd., a division of Torstar Inc.  To find out more about us, please visit www.Metroland.com or www.Torstar.com

Can you do the design for me? 

Yes, we have the ability to do design for you.  If you would like us to design, please complete your order without creating your own artwork, and let us know in the checkout notes that you would like design done.  You may reply to the order confirmation email that will arrive upon completing checkout attaching any pictures, logos, images and direction that we can use in your design.

I'd like to discuss my advertising or printing requirements with somebody, how do I connect with an expert?

Metroland publishes weekly newspapers and distributes flyers in over 70 communities in Ontario.  We also operate our own printing facilities to service printing for both our own internal printing as well as external clients. We have a team of experts that would be happy to discuss your needs.  Please email us at MetrolandDirect@metroland.com with your contact information, city / town / area you are interested in and what products and services you would like to discuss

Can you create a custom page for me with my artwork and templates if I need frequent orders? 

Yes, we are able to create custom pages for customers with their own templates, artwork, images, graphics and fonts loaded.  Please contact us by email if you are interested in this option.

Is the online design tool compatible with all browsers?

No, the online design tool may not work with out of date versions of browsers.  A complete list of compatible browsers is below.  If you are having trouble with the online design tool launch buttons not appearing, please try a different browser or upgrade your current browser to the latest version.

Browsers compatible with the online design tool:

  • Edge 16 or higher
  • Firefox 52 or higher
  • Chrome 57 or higher
  • Safari 10.1 or higher
  • Opera 44 or higher
  • iOS Safari 10.3 or higher
  • Android browser 67
  • Opera Mobile 46
  • Chrome for Android 70
  • Firefox for Android 63
  • UC Browser for Android 11.8
  • Samsung Internet 6.2 or higher